Men’s ankle boots, how to wear them and how to tie them

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Ankle boots have become a must-have for some years now for both men and women. Contrary to what one might initially think, in fact, some taboos that believed that these shoe models were suitable only for the fairer sex, were cleared.

In recent times, therefore, the craze of men’s ankle boots has exploded,as they are thought  to be the ideal shoes that allow you to better protect yourself from the cold and that still allow you to always appear impeccable and able to adapt well to both sporty and elegant look.

Strictly to match the color of the belt, there are a variety of men’s ankle boots on the market, which, however, can be reduced to 2 particularly iconic ones.

Lace-up ankle boot

The lace-up ankle boot is one of the most long-lived footwear, which can be worn with a simple jeans, perhaps worn with a turn-up to the edge of the shoe and then combined with an equally casual jacket. What distinguishes these models from others is certainly their practicality: in addition to keeping the foot warm, they allow, as already mentioned, to be worn in any circumstance and at any time of the day. To personalize your look a little more, we advise you to focus mainly on the laces, which can be put on with the most varied techniques and for this reason never be considered trivial or in bad taste.

Amphibians for men

Another model that has always been preferred by boys and men is that of amphibians. These, too often recommended only for younger people, can actually be worn at any age. Furthermore, based on your personality, you can decide whether to wear them with a total black look or with classic jeans that can slightly dilute the rock but no less glamorous tone. The more daring, moreover, are used to combine the colors of laces in light or bright colors, for a personal touch but of absolute taste.