How to put shoelaces on, two practical tutorials

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come mettere lacci scarpe

Putting laces on shoes is a procedure that is often taken for granted but that in reality it is not at all. If since childhood we have been taught how to tie shoe strings, many ignore how they should be inserted.

Generally, in fact, there is a tendency to keep the lacing present in the shoe box, without thinking about the many possibilities that can only arise when you decide to buy a new pair of strings.

The personalization of your outfit, to be as original as possible, starts from the care of the smallest details, including laces. Buying strings of colors and models other than the standard ones and included in the pair of shoes, could bring new and pleasant style solutions.

Contrary to what one might think, there are numerous varieties that allow you to put on the shoelaces as best deemed appropriate. Below, however, we have decided to report some of the most common methods that can be useful not only to personalize your shoes but also to reinsert the strings after washing them.

Hidden knot

The solution of the hidden knot, for example, is perfect to apply both for sneakers and for more elegant shoes and is actually very simple to make. In fact, just start from the bottom, letting the two ends of the laces pass through the two respective sides of the last eyelet. At this point, therefore, it will be necessary to proceed by taking only one edge of the two and bringing them to the buttonhole immediately higher than the one in which the lace has already been inserted, for a simple result. Before concluding, finally, it will be necessary to pay attention that the strings always maintain the same distance between the two laces, thus allowing the shoe to be tightened two levels at a time.

Straight lined lacing

The straight lined lacing  is another incredible evergreen in the choice of how to tie your shoes.

Slightly more elegant than the previous model, to start just insert the two ends of the laces in the first two holes, making it pass from top to bottom. As soon as this procedure is completed, you will then need to take one end of the lace and insert it into the next hole on the same side. As soon as it comes out of the hole, it will therefore be necessary to tighten the end of the string and insert it on the other side, creating a horizontal line. Finally, before completing everything, you will have to skip a single eyelet and then repeat the operation until you create a series of horizontal stripes alternating between empty and striped spaces.

Although these are only two models of how to put the laces on shoes, as anticipated there are many others. Keep following us to find out which ones we’ll talk about next.