Laces for bridal sport shoes: how to be impeccable even without heels

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Who says that the most beautiful day of a woman’s life needs to be lived on heels? A recent fashion provides spare shoes for brides, which will have to be impeccable even in small details, such as the laces for sports shoes.

Living the day of celebration without the problem of aching feet will allow you to enjoy the long-awaited day minute by minute. The latest trends advise not to give up the usual elegance of the heel that will still be worn in more formal moments, such as entering the church or during the shots of the photographer: the height will make the bride classy and at the same time slender.

Which shoe to use? Even the gym shoe is at the discretion of the woman, who can opt for the classic colours to match with the wedding or with the dress or to indulge in hippie or coloured shoes.

Although many are still reluctant on the subject, many others have decided to break the taboo and give a touch of colour and joy to the entire reception room, which will appreciate the ease of the protagonist.

In addition to wearing the right sports shoe, it will be essential to look after the often underestimated accessories: the laces to match with the shoe for a look that is simply perfect and suitable for the occasion.

The tendency that is usually used is to match the laces not anymore to the colour of the shoe, which is generally preferred white, but to a detail of the dress, which usually reflects a shade in contrast to an accessory of the bride, which can be an emerald green earring or a red hair broche. Buying laces of this shade will allow to transmit a sure and at the same time proud effect.

Choosing other laces, however, will not compromise the good image of the bride and her dress: the only important thing is to feel comfortable on the day of celebration, wearing the strings that you most prefer, regardless they reflect the new fashions.