Laces for every type of tuxedo for the formal occasions

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The day of an important event, before leaving home, it is a must to combine the right shoe with the dress that will make the look suitable for the occasion. The man does not have much margin of choice and to be formal and with the right outfit he will wear Oxford, Derby or elegant shoes, to be worn with tone-on-tone laces.

The ?black-tie? look is the favourite one for all men who have to wear an elegant outfit. This choice, however, if it is not accompanied by some precautions that will make the appearance impeccable, it could prove to be disastrous: the ?faux pas? is always around the corner. Matching every single detail, including shoes and laces, will not allow you to fall into error and save the wearer from a bad figure.

The general rule of good taste emphasizes the importance of wearing the same colour of the tuxedo. The exception is always present and is dictated by the current fashion trends. The black shoe, minimal and not too shiny will be combined with an equally informal and neutral lace, it will be perfect to wear under a black or dark gray dress.

If the tuxedo in the wardrobe was blue, it would be better to avoid the matching shoe. Creating a detachment of colours with a dark brown shoe will not break the elegance of the dress. Also in this case the laces of the shoe shade are recommended. If, however, the man wanted to break the excessive formality, he could hazard to a cross of colours, re-proposing the brown strings.

Many men, however, cannot find themselves in a monochromatic dress and prefer to avoid tone-on-tone wearing a pinstriped tuxedo. This outfit will allow you to get an elegant result but at the same time modern and suitable for the city. In this case, the choice of the shoe will fall on the predominant colour of the suit, as well as the laces will be the same colour as the shoe to not create too much unbalance of tones.