Tell me which lace you wear and I’ll tell you who you are

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It might seem a paradox but each detail that composes our wearing apparel identifies us in an unequivocal way. We constantly send messages and signals through our outfits, as well as shoes reveal a lot of our personality, also laces play an important role in this process.

Not everyone loves the same type of lace, there are those who prefer it elastic, those in cotton, those colored and those who rely on the classic colors black and white, always remaining in a comfortable border of sobriety. First of all the lace represents a practical system through which you can adjust footwear according to your needs in terms of shape of the foot and comfort, in second place the lace has become a real accessory, a habit that is no longer possible to overlook.

Among the extravagant trends that have taken hold in recent times we can not forget the giant laces, those with an ?exaggerated? thickness that ended up identifying the whole shoe on which they were applied, allowing free rein to the imagination of the wearer on the interlace mode or other particular details.

In conclusion it is useless to get lost around, the lace is fundamental, it must always be kept clean and tidy, just like the shoes themselves. If you have an extravagant and extrovert soul we can not do other than recommend you laces with maxi shapes, super colored and eccentrics. For this 2018 the year will end in beauty with an autumn-winter season that provides a range of colors, fantasies and even sequins, rhinestones and other incredible applications right on the shoelaces. So really there is a little something for everyone, the only imperative is to dare!