Fasten your shoes, three different methods to personalize your footwear

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modi per allacciare scarpe

Fastening shoes is a gesture that is performed daily, even several times a day. Usually there is a tendency to leave the layout of the laces as purchased by the seller, thus giving up daring and masking one’s personality.

In addition to a purely aesthetic factor, having different methods for tying up your shoes could benefit the health of the foot ridge.

Many are the different methods that allow you to fasten your shoes. Shoelaces has selected some of them. Performing this type of lacing is actually very simple, just prepare a shoe and follow the directions provided.

An evergreen is the method called ?Criss Cross?, which consists of a cross-lacing between them from one hole to the other. One of the most used thanks to its simple technique, this lacing methodology is also quite comfortable and manages to retain enough of the foot.

Another well-known lacing method is called the ?European straight?. This name derives from the fact that this lacing method was very widespread in Europe and consists in positioning the laces in a way that allows the strings to go in a linear way from one hole to the other of the shoe towards the outside and in a diagonal way towards the inland. Usually the European lace is applied on particularly elegant shoes, since the length of the strings allows you to make a bow directly on the shoe thus reducing the length of the ends.

Still remaining in linear fastenings, another common method is to tie shoes in what is called “easy straight”. By simple intuition, this technique implies that the lace should be placed at one end that runs straight from bottom to the other. To this operation must be added the final steps, which must be passed through the upper eyelets. To complete this type of lacing correctly, it will also be sufficient in this case to make a bow above the shoe and to make the crossing of the laces invisible.