Off white laces, yes to off-white even in spring

lacci off white

The arrival of spring during the quarantine period is certainly experienced as a possible rebirth. With the arrival of the beautiful days, staying at home becomes heavier than ever: the desire to have fun with your friends or to relax during a walk is, if possible, even higher.

Although it is not possible to wear our favorite shoes for a few hours outside our home, what is certain is that it is still possible to dream of doing it.

Waiting for this long-awaited moment to become reality, therefore, it is important to know the fashion that will allow a return to normal life in style.

In the case of shoe accessories, the laces, as well as particularly variegated and colored models of strings, another shade that confirms itself as the undisputed queen for spring summer 2020 is certainly that of off-white.

Off white laces will be considered fashionable even for the hottest months of the year thanks to their great merit of being versatile and suitable for any age: wearing white shoes with coordinated strings at your feet, in fact, allow you to have a pass- partout able to satisfy all combinations and possible circumstances. Whether it’s an elegant event or a simple work day, this nuance is always appreciated by both the wearer and the viewer.

Its color, after all, refers to something pure, soft and warm that can give vitality and personality to your look.

If the off white laces remain among the inevitable shoe accessories, just as valuable are the tips with which to wear them: whether it is a tone-on-tone shoe or another shade, what is certain is that these strings are able to give added value to your appearance.

So why not start preparing now for the time when you can wear them again?

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