Laces on the children’s Stan Smith, quick method to lace them up

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Every child slowly reaches small goals, for him / her real satisfaction. Besides being able to correctly read the analogue clock, fasten your shoes allows you to make them feel close to the world of adults. To explain that common widespread gesture requires great patience on the part of parents, who show again and again how to proceed with laces in a simple way to get the best result.

Although learning the right lace, as it is considered an important goal, will not be difficult, the real difficulty will consist in fastening the strings perfectly in the middle. In fact, the tendency is to make most of the lace go to the right or left, with an inevitable disproportion in the knot of the shoe. Once you learn how to proceed with the perfect lace, you will go on to another important success: to be able to fasten your favourite shoe.

Accomplice the fashion of the last two years, widespread among adults and children are the “Adidas Stan Smith”, currently the most popular and desired shoes. Very often, mothers, especially in the morning, prefer to continue to tie their children’s shoes to save precious time before the school bell rings.

To speed things up, all you have to do is buy a pair of “shoelaces” strings of the color that you prefer in order to proceed with the operation against time. Once the new strings have been purchased, you will not have to do anything but replace the original ones with the new ones and put on the lace leaving only the last hole of the shoe free.

Once the operation is complete, it will be necessary to close the ends of the laces with a double ligature on the top, but leaving the ends of the length necessary to form a knot. At this point, just make the bow that will be closed, to prevent it from slipping, with a further security node.

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