Groom, that’s how to lace your wedding shoes

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lacci scarpe da sposo

On the most important day of a couple’s life, that of marriage, it is important that nothing is left to chance.

In addition to choosing the perfect dress, both future spouses pay attention to another accessory that is often underestimated: that of the right shoes to wear. If women, in reality, have little room for choice, men’s shoes deserve a separate discussion, which can vary more in terms of models and lacing methods.

Basically, this is certain, even the groom will opt for an elegant and dark-colored pair. This does not mean, of course, that these are not universal canons and that the choice of shoes, even those of the future husband, is absolutely subjective.

To make the best of your look, the correct lacing should also not be underestimated.

Slim double knot

For lovers of the classic there is no doubt: the double slim knot will allow you to be original but at the same time not far from tradition. Another factor to their advantage is to prevent the laces from being released from the hold without warning, as, unlike many other laces, it has a safety turn that prevents the laces from being released from the hold without any warning

Barrel knot

The Barrel knot, on the other hand, takes inspiration from the nautical world and is excellent if associated especially with moccasins. It is also called “stop knot” because  it must be done at the end of both strings to prevent them from moving freely in the buttonhole. Even if it’s incredibly simple to achieve and the result is always efficient, this kind of knot is not widespread. To the inexperienced eye what will appear will seem more like a coil made artificially than a normal knot, however the practical implications of the choice will be absolutely satisfactory, so much so that it will be appreciated by the bride.

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