Classic blue, color of the year 2020 also in laces

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lacci classic blue

Even if the 2020 has just started, it was decided what the color of the year will be: for the new decade, the Pantone Color Institute has chosen the Classic Blue.

This shade, designated in shades of the next 12 months, is therefore now reproduced in all possible and imaginable creative sectors, among which there are those of fashion. Of course, the Classic Blue laces will not be missing, ready to give great satisfaction to anyone who decides to wear them.

The calm and color security of the year

According to Pantone, after all, blue 2020 is a shade capable of instilling calm, security and connection. In its lasting nuance, it seems, the desire for solid foundations is underlined. Regardless of what are the reasons that prompted the prestigious institute to decree this shade as that of the year, it is actually a very elegant and simple nuance, which will therefore continue to be widely used in all its facets.

But how should classic blue be associated? Being a shade between indigo and cobalt, in addition to being a pleasure for the eyes, it is able to convey calm and serenity in the wearer, as if it was a routine that you like and which you could not live without .

Classic blue laces, with which shoes to combine them

According to what reported by the fashion catwalks, the perfect outfit will consist of the total look. Yes, therefore, in a single color and in one-of-a-kind pieces: the color of the year must wrap and embrace, as if feeling pampered. In the case of shoes, therefore, you can decide to keep your own unique look, proposing the same color not only on the footwear but also on the laces for an effect that in any case will never tire the wearer or the viewer.

If, however, you decide to break the classic blue, it is advisable to buy black laces, considered almost twin to the latter and they won’t turn off the brightness of your outfit, not even that of your shoes.

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