Adidas, how to tie 3 of its most iconic models

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Sneaker lovershave one pair of Adidas in their wardrobe. The trademark with three parallel stripes arranged obliquely and conceived in Germany in 1949, cannot be lacking among those who decide to wear beauty and practicality at their feet.

In 80 years of activity the German company, now considered the largest producer of sportswear in Europe and second in the world, has produced numerous footwear, some of which have made the history of sport or fashion trends, remaining still iconic .

Among the most popular models of the autumn/winter 2019-2020 collection sneakers in particular continue to be preferred, Stan Smith, Gazelles and Superstar. These, which have been on the market for some years, can now be considered as the great Adidas classics.

Adidas must-haves

Stan Smith

Considered the most sold shoes of last season, the Stan Smith are presented as white leather sneakers and are ideal for any occasion and look. This is the secret of their success: it doesn’t matter if they are worn under a dress or jeans: the combination will alwaysbe perfect.


Even these shoes, just like the Stan Smits, are very versatile and for this reason they are appreciated by both male and female audiences. Become famous thanks to basketball players in the late sixties, today they are consumed to be worn daily.


Unmissable, within the list of Adidas must-haves are the flatand suede sneakers Gazzelle. Unlike the other two models, in which white is predominant, these shoes are the preferred choice for those who prefer footwear in different shades.

How to fasten Adidas

At this point, therefore, the question is: how to tie these shoes?

Generally these three models are purchased with laces tied in the classic ‘X’ model. Although thelaziest and most faithfulto the original tend to leave their footwear as bought, the reality is quite different. Their strings can be customized as they see fit and it is considered appropriate: among the many methods particularly indicated there are diamond and parallel ones. In reality, however, it would be enough to indulge one’s imagination to allow the Adidas at their feet to be classic but at the same time original.

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